Mercredi 14/10/2020 - Lee GODFREY - Managing Director Western Europe - Intertrust Luxembourg

"Building successful businesses through people driving digital empowerment"

With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Lee joined Intertrust in 2019 as Managing Director Western Europe. Since he arrived in Luxembourg in 2008, he held several strategic positions including CEO within Kneip Communications, a Luxembourg-based leader in data management and reporting solutions for the investment management and financial industry. Before arriving in Luxembourg, he was based in Switzerland and the UK, working as an online investor relations services provider as Group COO and Member of the Board of the publicly listed company. Lee’s unusual route to success, driven by combining digital empowerment and people, has been an inspiration to many, not only professionally, but also personally and socially.

Programme :

18h30 : drink d'accueil et networking
19h00 : conférence
20h00 : drink & networking

Lieu : Knokke Out Luxembourg, 15 rives de Clausen, L-2165 Luxembourg

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